Saturday, April 14, 2012

Truth can also be Scarier than Fiction: Fukushima Meltdown

I guess Friday the 13th got me looking at horror stories. And a murdering deranged man in hockey mask at my age doesn't frighten me as it did in my youth. Since March of 2011 something far more sinister and terrifying to humanity occurred in Fukushima Japan in aftermath of a massive earthquake and tsunami. The Fukushima Nuclear meltdown.

The BBC does a great job reporting this scary moments over the last decade if not longer. The Fukushima Meltdown that the video documents is eerie, what is even more frightening is that it hasn't been solved. After doing more research as a result of this catastrophe I have gone 180 on nuclear energy. The risks are just not worth the benefit. What continues to concern me is that the US and many other nations has these older model reactors that are obviously inadequate against the risks.

If you would like to continue to scare yourself then I recommend following these links:

Happy belated Friday the 13th!

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