Thursday, September 01, 2011

William Black: The Great American Bank Robbery

Dr. William Black a former regulator during the savings & loans crisis and white collar crime expert is discussing "The Great American Bank Robbery". I had seen this video a couple of years ago and should've posted it then, but it is just as important now as it was then. I recommend that if you have high blood pressure and get angry easy than please don't click the play button. I wish Black was in charge during the run up of the financial crisis or at the very least be there in 2008-9 to clean up the trash and throw a bunch of these banksters into the slammer. Again nobody from the major banks, brokerages, or mortgage origination companies have been thrown in jail from the pervasive fraud that was perpetrated on the United States & the world!! This is really the most troubling for me because it corrupts our market based economy. I am all for capitalism, but there needs to be a referee and consequences for crime and failure.

Watch the video and spread the word about the fraud!

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