Tuesday, April 05, 2011

95% LTV hurray for Australia!

As I'm working on part 2 on my aussie housing bubble problem I stumbled upon this brief headline from the online/magazine publication The Advisor: industry news for mortgage and finance brokers. Which by the way is gold mine of all things bubbly in Australia. Do not think this will be the last time I will post something originating from this publication! The link below is an article talking about one of the majors joining the ranks of 95% LVR or what we in the states call Loan To Value (LTV).

"The Commonwealth Bank has become the latest in a long line of lenders to increase its maximum LVR. Over the weekend, the major announced it would allow all new mortgage customers to borrow up to 95 per cent of the value of a property."

"CBA’s general manager retail products Michael Cant said the decision to increase its maximum LVR was a response to growing competition for a smaller number of borrowers.

“We are certainly looking to grow our lending to the home loan market,” he said."


The money part of the quote: "...was a response to growing competition for a smaller number of borrowers." Umm that sure sounds like a ponzi scheme to me! They seem to be running out of greater fools and they need to ratchet up the risk another notch to keep this thing afloat.

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