Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Inflation & Ski Resorts

Has anyone noticed the recent proliferation of higher and higher ski pass prices. Within in the last five years I have seen prices in Tahoe go from the high $40's to around $70 a ticket. The worst in my opinion has been the escalation at Mammoth Mountain. In little over 4 years their tickets have gone from $61/day to $80/day. That is an inflation rate of 7% and who knows what the increase in price will be with the new renovations they're doing. I have one of their discount season passes that has gone from $499 to $550 this year alone!

Yes this anecdotal evidence, but this inflation problem is starting to rear it's ugly head in more places. Even more worrisome with inflation is it's a lagging indicator meaning we are getting the hangover from the easy money over the last 5 years. Too much money following too few goods. Now that our economy has slowed down we are left to play in the mess Greenspan made ( at the turn of the century. Welcome to Stagflation! Stagnate growth + inflation of the 1970's.

Before you go play hopscotch on the freeway, remember domestic company balance sheets are in great position and are economy is more efficient then ever. The effects of the past monetary binge and now the housing crash are going to test our economy. So far the economy is with standing the onslaught....

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