Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Debut of the Mercenaries

This is a debut of an new investment blog which hopefully readers will find informative and helpful in the dog eat dog world of investments. I hope to cover most methods of investment that interest myself & other bloggers which will give you further insight. As the name entails most people that will help in advising like brokers, realtors, bankers are essentially mercenaries. Like past warfare, mercenary soldiers with no allegiance were paid to fight battles for kings, states, and nations alike. In modern civilian life these warriors have weapons of information, corporate backing, and market insight available for hirer for a certain fee or commission. Similar to their past brethren these mercenaries can have ulterior motives and can be unpredictable. However if chosen & motivated correctly these mercenaries can be an crucial to the success to those who employ them. I too am a mercenary, but I will be working for free and will try my best to guide you to investment success and away from disaster.

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